Comments on the Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan team launched the Plan on 21st December (was it that long ago?) and urged village residents to make their comments. Every household had a copy delivered. We also contacted landowners, statutory organisations such as Breckland Council and Historic England, and utility companies.

When the consultation closed in mid-February we had received responses from villagers (27), village organisations (3), statutory consultees (5) and landowners (2). Nearly all this was done by email but some village responses were left at Kings Stores. The team is now carefully sifting all the responses to see where the Plan should be modified in light of the comments made, whether by correcting factual errors, removing ambiguities, rephrasing to suit ‘planning-speak’ or just adopting good ideas. This takes time but the Plan will be much better as a result thanks to everyone’s thoughtful and constructive comments. Eventually all the comments made and our responses will be posted online. We are grateful to all who responded.

Our special thanks go to Sue and her staff at Kings Stores who have displayed posters and leaflets and acted as our post office throughout the project.


During the coronavirus crisis this website is used to disseminate information of particular interest to local businesses.

Local business and the coronavirus crisis    (Unless otherwise stated, these bulletins are issued just after the day’s press briefing.)

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17 February 2020.  The consultation for the Plan is now closed.  We are now collating all the comments made, then we will review them and consider what revisions need to be made. All the comments made and our reponses will be published on this website when they are ready, but it will take a while.

Meanwhile the Plan and its supporting documents can be seen by clicking the buttons.

NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN (pre-submission consultation version)





Comments about the Plan are still welcome even though the consultation is officially closed.   Please download a comment form and send it back to info@np4nb.online. 

We will acknowledge your comments.  All comments will be posted online in March 2020 but we will withold your identity if requested.

We look forward to hearing from you.                                                                                                                                                                                       The Neighbourhood Plan Team



The Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan

What is it?
The Plan will guide our Parish Council and Breckland District Council as to what we want for our village over the next 20 years.

What will be in the Plan?
A whole range of issues such as traffic, wildlife, housing, village activities, heritage, recreation and tourism.

Will anybody take any notice of it?
Yes, because the Plan will become a legal document under the Localism Act (2011) and must be used as a guide if any changes are to be made in the village.

Can I be involved?
Yes!  We’ve done our big survey of residents’ opinion and next we’ll be involving other organisations as mentioned above and village groups such the under-16s and their parents.  At any time you can email the team or post a post on our Facebook page.

The Neighbourhood Plan is important for the village so we need to know what people think.  We welcome your comments – just email them to  info@NP4NB.online.   We will read them all and put them on the blog.  Have a look at our Facebook page as well.

Useful links:
New Buckenham Parish Council   www.newbuckenhampc.info
Breckland District Council www.breckland.gov.uk



New Buckenham’s neighbourhood planning working party. 

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