25 July 2022 Breckland District Council decided to ‘make’ (adopt) the plan.

Breckland’s decision statement confirms that as of 25 July 2022 the New Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’. This means it has become part of the statutory development plan for Breckland and will be used where relevant to help the council decide planning applications within the designated area, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Read Breckland’s decision statement here

The Neighbourhood Plan referendum was held on Thursday, 7 July 2022.

Not only was there a huge majority in favour of the Plan, the turnout is larger than other neighbourhood plan referendums in the Breckland area.


The Plan sets out a vision for the future of the Parish area and planning policies that will be used to determine planning applications locally.

The Plan and its accompanying documents remain available to view (see below) and the key documents are also on the Breckland Council website.

The ‘made’ New Buckenham Neighbourhood Development Plan

Consultation Statement

Basic Conditions Statement

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulation Assessment
Screening Reports (Breckland Council)

Anyone with no internet access may read a printed copy at the Council offices as above.

Background reading about New Buckenham

Landscape and Heritage Assessment

Preliminary Ecological Assessment

The Plan and its Consultation Statement provide links to all other documents in this submission, some of which may be accessed from these quick links:


The Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan

What is it?
The Plan will guide our Parish Council and Breckland District Council as to what we want for our village over the next 20 years.

What will be in the Plan?
A whole range of issues such as traffic, wildlife, housing, village activities, heritage, recreation and tourism.

Will anybody take any notice of it?
Yes, because the Plan will become a legal document under the Localism Act (2011) and must be used as a guide if any changes are to be made in the village.

The Plan is out for consultation so can I still be involved?
Yes! The Plan is important to our village. Comments from residents and other interested persons are welcomed, so please do read the Plan and send your comments to Breckland using the blue box above.

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Useful links:
New Buckenham Parish Council   www.newbuckenhampc.info
Breckland District Council www.breckland.gov.uk

New Buckenham’s neighbourhood planning working party. 

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