Lack of mobile phone reception and online banking

New arrangements for improving security for online banking and transactions are coming in soon, some are already here.  Most of them involve you entering a one-off code sent by the bank to your mobile phone.  This will cause all sorts of problems to New Buckenham residents who don’t have a phone or, more likely, have a phone but no reception.  Read the Which? report on the situation.  Our Biz Buz newsletters describe the efforts in getting information from the mast provider.  Perhaps if everyone besieges our MP George Freeman, he might help.

Latest news

Look out for October’s edition of Biz Buz.  If you want to be on the subscription list (all free!) please contact us at info@np4nb.online

What’s in the October edition?

  • The “B” word. Brexit. HELP!! Advice and check lists for all companies-not just exporters
  • How to cope with that load of BS. We’re talking Brexit Stress. A Biz Bod may have the answer. Cut the pontificating politicians, cut out the pie and a pint, practice Pilates!
  • National Birdy Take-over Day. October 17th. The RSPB want businesses to get on board…with bird song, bunting and posters. All the info.
  • AND….of course, the latest cliff-edge episode of the Mobile Phone Mast Mystery…We found Juliet … but at what stage is the Hamlet chosen for the mast?

The Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan

What is it?
The Plan will guide our Parish Council and Breckland District Council as to what we want for our village over the next 20 years.

What will be in the Plan?
A whole range of issues such as traffic, wildlife, housing, village activities, heritage, recreation and tourism.

Will anybody take any notice of it?
Yes, because the Plan will become a legal document under the Localism Act (2011) and must be used as a guide if any changes are to be made in the village.

Can I be involved?
Yes!  We’re done our big survey of residents’ opinion and next we’ll be involving other organisations as mentioned above and village groups such the under-16s and their parents.  At any time you can email the team or post a post on our Facebook page.

The Neighbourhood Plan is important for the village so we need to know what people think.  We welcome your comments – just email them to  info@NP4NB.online.   We will read them all and put them on the blog.  Have a look at our Facebook page as well.

Useful links:
New Buckenham Parish Council   www.newbuckenhampc.info
Breckland District Council www.breckland.gov.uk

Our One Year On poster display (click here) brings everyone up to date with what we’ve done and our provisional thoughts about how the Plan and the underlying policies might look.



New Buckenham’s neighbourhood planning working party. 

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