New Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan
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Click on the button above to complete the New Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan survey on-line. You will need the reference number written on the printed form delivered to your door. Keep a record of your number so that when the FREE PRIZE DRAW is announced you’ll know if you’ve won!

At last we can all have a say over the future of New Buckenham

The Parish Council is drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan.

What is it?
The Plan will guide our Parish Council and Breckland District Council as to what we want for our village over the next 20 years.

What will be in the Plan?
A whole range of issues such as traffic, wildlife, housing, village activities, heritage, recreation and tourism.

Will anybody take any notice of it?
Yes, because the Plan will become a legal document under the Localism Act (2011) and must be used as a guide if any changes are to be made in the village.

Can I be involved?
Yes!  We’re doing a survey NOW so you can tell us your thoughts about the village and what your ideas and hopes are for the future.  Survey forms are being delivered to every home in New Buckenham.  Please complete your form when you get it.

We hope that everybody in the village will complete this survey – there’s one for each person aged 16 and over, not just one per household.  This is because people have differing views, often related to their age or circumstances.

We particularly want younger people to complete a form as otherwise their thoughts and hopes won’t be heard as much as they should.  Later this year we’ll be separately asking the views of the under-16s and their parents.

The Plan is important for the village so we need to know what people think.

Will I be able to do the survey on-line?

Yes and the questions are the same.
Oh yes, and there’s be a free prize draw for completing a survey either on paper or on-line!  One prize of £25 in cash for each of these age groups: 16-24yrs and over 25yrs.

We welcome your comments about the Neighbourhood Plan.  Just email them to  info@NP4NB.online.  We will read them all and put them on the blog.  Have a look at our Facebook page as well.

Useful links:
New Buckenham Parish Council   www.newbuckenhampc.info
Breckland District Council www.breckland.gov.uk

New Buckenham’s neighbourhood planning working party