Comments on the Plan (Pre-submission version)

The Neighbourhood Plan team launched the Plan on 21st December (was it that long ago?) and urged village residents to make their comments. Every household had a copy delivered. We also contacted landowners, statutory organisations such as Breckland Council and Historic England, and utility companies.

When the consultation closed in mid-February 2020 we had received responses from villagers (27), village organisations (3), statutory consultees (5) and landowners (2). Nearly all this was done by email but some village responses were left at Kings Stores. The team is now carefully sifting all the responses to see where the Plan should be modified in light of the comments made, whether by correcting factual errors, removing ambiguities, rephrasing to suit ‘planning-speak’ or just adopting good ideas. This takes time but the Plan will be much better as a result thanks to everyone’s thoughtful and constructive comments. Eventually all the comments made and our responses will be posted online. We are grateful to all who responded.

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