The Draft Plan (Pre-Submission Version) has been revised as a result of the comments received during the formal consultation. This revised Plan will be sent formally to Breckland Council at the end of January 2021. This is called the Submission Stage. With it go two other documents: (1) the Consultation Statement (describing how all the information was gathered and the process of receiving comments from the public and taking action where needed) and (2) the Basic Conditions Statement describing how the whole process has complied with the regulations.

Before this happens, Breckland need to do various compliance checks and this is currently happening. There’s a queue of neighbourhood plans in Breckland and  another one has taken far longer than expected so we’ve been pushed back. As far as the Neighbourhood Plan team is concerned we are ready, but have to follow due process.

The Plan and all the supporting documents (some are very long!) will be posted online when the Plan goes to Breckland.

Our special thanks go to Sue and her staff at Kings Stores who have displayed posters and leaflets and acted as our post office throughout the project.

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t made the process easier as the team has had to manage with only using electronic communications for a year. Video meetings are no substitute for face-to-face meetings.

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