Meeting with planning consultant

Meeting with planning consultant.

The team met Clare Wright MA MRTPI, an independent town planning consultant on 12th December (centre of photo).

Although our engagement with the village and survey has gone well, we now need help from someone experienced and qualified in doing neighbourhood plans.

We now know what we’ll be doing in the next few months.  More information will be collected from village groups, probably using more questionnaires and some focus groups.  We will also need expert work done on traffic, environment, heritage and drawing up agreed criteria for any further development.

We won’t be doing this in isolation and plan to involve our community through open meetings and workshops.  Most of all this should be covered by government grants but a great deal will be done by local volunteers.  We hope we will get another small grant from the Parish Council to cope with immediate contingencies, without which the whole project could be delayed.  Our timetable and budget is now drafted (click here to see it) although it is subject to change.

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