Area covered

What is the area?

Our neighbourhood plan covers the whole of New Buckenham’s parish (shaded blue) and the part of the conservation area that  extends into Old Buckenham just enough to include the Castle (shaded red). This has been agreed by Old Buckenham Parish Council and Breckland Council.

The map on the right shows the boundaries of the conservation area and the notional settlement boundary.  The Parish Council last year supported the removal of a designated settlement boundary.  A rural village without a settlement boundary can grow by only 5% as it is seen as “not having the necessary level of service provision.   Development will be carefully managed, in a manner which is more  restrictive than for those named settlements with boundaries”.

Not having a boundary means that the entire area of housing and  land is regarded as rural countryside as the village will be treated  more like open countryside where development is much  more limited than within a settlement boundary.

Seen another way, without a boundary the village with its limited  facilities is part of the open countryside rather than the core  of an economy that should form the basis of expansion.