What about electric cars?

From Peter Brook    

I thought I would email about electric cars while I wait for my survey link!   These are already increasing in popularity and I think over the next 10 years will be come much much more common. At some point people in the village will start to drive electric cars! For those in the village lucky enough to have off road parking the solution is simple – a small unobtrusive box on a wall to plug in to. For those of us who sadly have no off road parking things get harder.

I know that there is provision for councils to access funds to install chargers but this would require coordination and consultation.

Especially on King Street things are hard because the north side of the road park up on the curb.  I wonder what people’s thoughts are on how these environmentally friendly cars can be supported?  In London people loop cables via roadside trees to their cars. I had thought about asking for permission to fit a cast iron covered gutter across the pavement in which a charging cable could sit overnight to avoid hazard to pedestrians.

Guide to street charging of plug-in vehicles

Thanks Peter. We’ll be getting expert help about traffic and transport issues, including electric cars, later in the project.


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